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Based on accumulated experience for more than 15 years, we produce various products using Laser Beam Welding.
We develop test products and mass produce laser welding products with our customers.

Overview of Products / Technologies

Light Amplication by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) – Welding technology applying the output of laser beam


Welding products of various fields that enable high energy density, high melting point and require low weld heat input and narrow thermal impact range

Application / Application fields

Applied laser welding technology to existing or newly developed products instead of bolting, riveting, or general welding.

Laser welding technology

Laser welding technology
classification contents
Name of technology Laser Beam Welding
Oscillator 1kW, 2kW, 4kW, 6kW, etc.
Cable Various beam sizes such as Cable light) 50μm, 100μm, 200μm, 400μm and 600μm etc.
Head BEO D70, PFO-300 etc.
Major customers Automobile parts, defense parts related companies :
Samsung SDI, Doowon, Hyosung, Samsung Electronics, Pyung Hwa Holdings, Erae Automotive etc.
Technical description Securing quality and improving productivity by combining the technology of automation equipment and laser welding

Basic Installation Overview

Oscillator / Cable/ M/C
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