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We have various solutions and know-how by combining specialized laser welding (Laser Beam Welding) technology with the technology of factory automation equipment (FA).
We also have a lot of experience and technology in design/ manufacturing/ installation and trial run of "laser welding automation equipment".

Overview of Products / Technologies

Design, manufacture and trial run technology of automation equipment based on laser welding technology


A technology widely used in fields requiring the bonding of products (automobile parts, defense parts, energy business sector etc.)

Application / Application fields

Mass production line facility - Automation equipment including assembly, welding and inspection process including laser welding
Separate mass production equipment - Semi-automated equipment for laser welding process
Test equipment - Equipment that can test various welding in research institute or laboratory

Overview of Welding Equipment Products

Welding Equipment Product Overview
Division Contents
Product name Laser welding automation equipment
Application High quality bonding
Equipment type Single Welding Equipment, Mass Welding Equipment
Capability design, Engineering, Production, Installation / Trial run
Major customers Automobile parts, defense parts related companies: DAS Co., Ltd., Daewon Precision, Essen Tech, Auto, LHE, MMT, IAE etc.

Overview of welding equipment(example)

Design / Engineering, Production / Trial run, Installation / Mass Production
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