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We have a lot of experience and performance in the development and production of STACK structure, separator and components, which are core technologies of hydrogen fuel cells (MCFC, SOFC, PEMFC field) to be future growth engines and are still working on development projects with leading organizations.

Overview of Products / Technologies

Developed major components such as MCFC, SOFC, PEMFC in the field of fuel cell, which is one of the renewable energy fields.


A technology to design, manufacture and install products requiring precision machining and precision welding such as stack structure, separator and related components and sensors

Application/ Application fields

Applicable to energy related business fields such as power generation, buildings, household, automobile, ship, and electronic products

Related fields (performance based)

New and renewable energy

  • New energy : Fuel cell, hydrogen energy, coal liquefied gas, etc.
  • Renewable energy : Solar light, solar heat, bio, wind power, water power, geothermal heat, marine, waste etc.

Fuel Cell

  • High temperature type : MCFC (Molten Carbonate FC), SOFC (Solid Oxide FC)
  • Low Temperature Type : PAFC (Phosphate FC), AFC (Alkali FC), PEMFC (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane FC), DMFC (Direct Ethanol FC)

Items - In the entire system

  • Fuel processing system : Reformer, utility, etc.
  • Fuel cell body : Stack structure, separator, cell frame, electrode, electrolyte, sealing material,voltage sensor, temperature sensor, etc.
  • Power converting device : inverter (DC-AC) etc.

Overview of Separator Products - Separator (Performance based)

Reaction area

  • SOFC : 50cm², 100cm², 200cm², 400cm², 600cm², 700cm², 1000cm² etc.
  • MCFC : 2500cm², 6000cm², 7500cm², 9600cm² etc.
  • PEMFC : 50cm², 100cm², 200cm², 320cm²etc.

Processing Type

  • Material thickness: 6.0t ~ 20.0t, machining

Etching Type

  • Material thickness: 1.0t ~ 2.0t, Etching processing

Molding Type

  • Material thickness: 0.09t ~ 0.5t, press molding

Overview of Stack Products - Stack (Performance based)

Stack types

  • Single Cell: 1 cell single cell stack, purposes of pre-verification and possibility judgment etc.
  • Short Stack: Stacks with 2 ~ 10 cells, short-term operation, secondary verification, etc.
  • Tech. Stack: Stacks with a few ~ tens of stacks, mid-term operation, stacking effect verification, etc.
  • Full Stack: Stacks with tens ~ hundreds of cell stacking, mid-to-long term operation and result
    derivation, commercialization purpose, etc.

SOFC Stack

  • A few kw ~ tens of kw stacking

MCFC Stack

  • Tens of kw ~hundreds of kw stacking
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