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Thank you for Visiting!
I am Jung Byung-soo CEO of ELF System Co., Ltd.

ELF System Co., Ltd. is aiming for the new growth in the field of laser Beam welding and energy, and aiming to enter the future industry for tomorrow, Based on the experience and knowledge accumulated over the past 17 years.

In addition to developing new products using Laser Beam Welding, we produce various kinds of mass production products. Based on the technology of its own laser welding equipment operation, we also have various solutions and know-how in the design, manufacture and installation of laser welding automation equipment.

In addition, we have a lot of experiences and achievements in the development and production of Stack structure, separator and components, which are core technologies of hydrogen fuel cell (MCFC, SOFC, PEMFC) which will become future growth engines. We are currently working on development projects with leading research institutes, companies, universities .

Elf System Co., Ltd. is not satisfied with the present, and always "challenge" with new technology, We promise to make continuous efforts to meet customers' needs.
Thank You very much.

ELF System CEO Jung Byung-soo

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